Forward BIO Initiative

The Forward BIO Initiative is a collaborative effort that offers comprehensive support of technological innovation and workforce development to effectively translate discoveries into commercial products and groundbreaking therapies in the emerging area of biomanufacturing, the advanced manufacturing of therapeutic medical devices, cells, tissues, or pharmaceuticals.


The Forward BIO Initiative is a cooperative effort that drives economic, technology, and workforce development to expand the global biomanufacturing industry.

The strength of the connections between the Forward BIO partners is the Initiative’s defining, unique characteristic that sets it apart from institutes and shared labs where each is a stand-alone entity. This shared strategic vision guides the collaboration and directs the natural flow of projects from pre-incorporation within the Forward BIO Institute, to the facilitation of efficient startup launches by Forward BIOLABS, through industry guidance and support offered by BioForward.


Catalyzing Innovation

Forward BIO Institute: a public enterprise that catalyzes innovation in biomanufacturing research, entrepreneurship, and workforce development, and acts as a “catapult” that pushes disruptive technologies into the private sector.

Accelerating Launch

Forward BIOLABS: a fully equipped, maintained, and supported shared life science lab, which lowers the barrier for the launch and success of innovative start-up companies, while increasing their capital efficiency.

Advancing Industry Growth

BioForward Wisconsin: a private non-profit organization, dedicated to supporting Forward BIO through facilitating partnerships between government, academia and private industry, as well as marketing the economic and business impact of Wisconsin’s biohealth industry.


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